Starting Your Journey to Self-Love

Hi All!

I want to talk to you today about a monster we all face; self-loathing. To get to a place of self-love we must first face our monster head on. Don’t worry, I’ll explain the primary weapon you need to win the fight. You’ve got this.❤

Self-loathing often spawns from too much self-criticism. Believe it or not, self-criticism is healthy and is something you can utilize during your journey; it keeps you from getting too stagnant and comfortable. However, it is so easy to get carried away… You stand naked in the bathroom staring in the mirror looking over every inch of yourself as your confidence sinks lower and lower or you’re laying in bed thinking about all of the dumb things you’ve said and done losing precious hours of sleep just to wake up the next morning down on yourself and dreading the day. You know you’ve gone too far when you suddenly feel sad, discouraged, or like you want to just wrap up in a blanket and never move again.


I know it seems like you can’t change the over critical part of your brain and you’re destined to have a life of self-loathing, but that’s just not true. It takes time to learn how to criticize yourself without completely demolishing your self-esteem. You must first recognize your value. The most effective way to understand your value is to change your actions.

To understand you have value, you must ACT like you have value.

Read that again.

First, I want you to check your posture. Are your shoulders rounded and your chest caving in? How are you holding your head? Is your chin close to your chest?

Fix it. Squeeze your shoulder blades toward your spine and lift your chest. Tilt your head back just a smidge and look straight ahead. Maybe even raise an eyebrow for a little flare.

How do you feel? I bet you can breathe better and you suddenly feel stronger. AmIright?😏

Remember how you feel and set this as your default posture.

Another behavior you might need to work on is your hygiene. I’m not saying you stink, but there are little things you can add to your routine show yourself you matter.

  • Floss, brush AND use mouthwash. I know going through this whole routine seems like a lot when you first wake up in the morning, but it makes a WORLD of difference in how you feel and look. If you go through this every day, preferably twice a day, your teeth will get whiter and you’ll smile more often. Trust me (and you dentist).
  • Wash your face, use toner, and moisturize. This is too easy to not do. Wash your face with your favorite soap, use a cotton ball or pad to apply toner (I like plain witch-hazel), then follow up with whatever moisturizer you like! This can all be done in 3 minutes, so you have no excuse.
  • Brush your hair. Give those locks some love.

Lastly, in your fight for self-love you must feed your body the good stuff. You’ll be better equipped to handle life when your body is getting the vitamins and nutrients it needs. I am in noway saying you can’t have that doughnut. I am, however, saying you need to eat some veggies. There are PLENTY of ways you can add vegetables into your diet and enjoy it. Don’t believe me? Try my Cajun Roasted Sweet Potato recipe; you won’t be able stop eating it. You can also make yourself smoothies, put onion and spinach in your eggs, or even shred some carrot to add to your pasta sauce!

As I send you on your way I want to share a calendar with you that contains actions you can do STARTING TONIGHT to help get you to a place of self-love, because you are worth it.

Just keep going.


Published by Emilee Cornwell

Hi! My name is Emilee. I am a National Academy of Sports Medicine certified personal trainer, YMCA group exercise instructor and health coach, and Stairmaster H.I.I.T certified. More so than that I am a plus sized fitness professional. I am passionate about body positivity and learning to love who you are as you are. I want to share my experiences of going from sedentary to fitness lover and from living off fast food to craving greens.

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